Himanshu’s mentorship program is designed for existing or aspiring small business owners who have a drive and hunger to take their business and life to massive levels of success and impact.
Himanshu’s mission in life is to help people produce legendary results.
Himanshu works with his clients at the mind and the strategic level, therefore setting them up for success.

Himanshu is looking for people with the following qualities:


  • Big Dreamers – people who want to make it big in what they do
  • Professional – follow through on their commitments
  • Hard Working - Willing to work at-least 40 hours per week
  • Somewhat clear - Have some idea on what kind of business they want to build

Considering the personalized nature of the Himanshu’s mentorship process design, he opens only 3 spots per year and works with his mentees to create massive transformations. If you would like to apply to have Himanshu as your mentor, please fill out the form below: